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It appeared in 1990. Cynologically wise it is not a long period.

The name was changed three times. "Diamond Chine" was unfortunately discarded as in FCI it has been known long ago.

We had to drop another name "Iz Volshebnyh Snov" as by funny incidence the English version of it ("Fairytale Dreams") was used by one of the kennels.

The present name "RozovyAgat" (Pink Agate) was coined by chance. I cannot explain why agate turned out to be pink. I just liked the combination of words. I like this magic stone. It has been my favorite for a long time. It has always been my talisman and now it is ours. Pink agate does not exist in nature. Now it does.

Initially we had English bulldogs - masterpieces of cynological breeding, the most unusual and interesting dogs in the world, elite dogs.

There was one little French bulldog called Agrippina (Gapa) - a fantastic creature that looked like ET rather then a dog.

My dogs lived in my kennel all their life and till 1993 I had no other breeds.

Antonia JosefinaFrom 1993 bulldogs and Chihuahuas have been coexisting. The first Chihuahua appeared by chance. It was Antonia Josefina (Antoshka) (1993, f.-Cheddy, m.- Cherry). She did not contribute much to our breeding work because of the low inherited features.

Today she lives with other Chihuahuas and is treated as a respected elderly lady loved by everybody.

Taking into consideration the situation in Chihuahua breed in the 90s it is clear why the issue of acquiring a good pedigree dog became so topical for Chihuahua breeders. It was urgent for my kennel as it was at the stage of creation and we had no breeding stock aggravated by lack of experience and knowledge about the breed.

We had to start from scratch.

Baronessa FlaingbetThe first Chihuahua bought from a famous West European breeder was Florenzo v.Silverberg (Lorik). He laid the foundation for all future work in our kennel.

The daughter of Lorik, a beauty Baronessa Flaingbet (Busia), became foremother of a big family of long and smooth coat dogs with kennel name "Rozovy Agat".


"Best of breed"

Today breeding in the kennel is conducted by different methods. We do not exclude inbreeding of various types. Of course we take into account all necessary conditions, particularly the health of the dogs.

Chihuahuas with kennel or pedigree name "Rozovy Agat" take part in big dog shows in Moscow and other cities annually. You are sure to watch them there as a fan or observer. They are presented by different kennels including "Rozovy Agat".

We cooperate fruitfully with foreign counterparts maintaining friendly ties with them. The exchange of breeding stock is bilateral. Chihuahua of our breeding evokes interest abroad and they are acquired for breeding purpose. It fills us with joy. Life is improving. Per aspera ad astra!


Music Velvet Berkley from
"Di Rio Galeria" &"Music Velvet".

In July of 2006 Music Velvet Berkley ( home name Bubenia) came to Moscow. He is a manly and elegant smooth coat male Chihuahua of fine type, magnificent anatomy, with perfect psyche and great character. Bubenya has a sociable disposition and is not aggressive at all. He has a wonderful sense of humor, charm and dignity. The excellent qualities of our hero are harmoniously combined with his noble origin.
I am pleased to stress that his ancestors got a lot of champion titles for their impeccable breeding qualities registered in Berkley lineage. Bubenya is a splendid result of the successful selection of the Italian kennel where he was bred. The kennel is called "Music Velvet" and it cooperates with another famous Chihuahua Italian kennel "Di Rio Galeria". The successful results of breeding of both are so obvious that it can be denied only by those who have never seen dogs of their selections or who are reluctant to recognize success of others or those who have never seen dogs at all even in pictures.
I visited Italy this summer for a record short period -one day- with only one goal to see these kennels: "Di Rio Galeria" (owner Paolo Tartaro) and "Music Velvet" (owner Francesco Nuzzo).
My hosts were extremely hospitable and I also enjoyed the warm rays of the generous Italian sun. I was shown Chihuahuas of different generations and was honored to see everything even peep inside the nursery. It was not the only kennel that I had seen in Europe so I could compare them. I can describe my impressions for hours but I do not want to bore anybody.
For me as a Chihuahua breeder it's important to see the most cherished thing : high quality and uniformity of breeding. That's what I saw in "Di Rio Galeria" and "Music Velvet". These kennels have been known as high class for a long period. It was confirmed by independent FCI experts whom I talked to in different countries. I wanted to make sure it's true. It will not be an exaggeration to mention that the high quality of the majority of "Di Rio Galeria" and "Music Velvet" Chihuahuas is the result of a skillfully planned luck of great professionalism of successful breeders.
I am not going to enumerate numerous titles of Chihuahuas of these kennels. Have a look at their site (look "Links").
I am happy to remind you that recently there appeared a few really handsome show quality Chihuahua males from "Di Rio Galeria" and "Music Velvet" in Moscow and Saint Petersburg. Within a short period they displayed excellent show dog and stud dog qualities. In one word the presentation of these dogs from the Italian kennels in both capitals and other cities was a great success which was recognized by competent Chihuahua breeders.
My Bubenya followed his brothers from the same kennels. He did not break any traditions. My hero has already got a few champion titles as a show dog and I am pleased to say he is a high class stud male. I got only two litters of him so far but they allow me to make optimistic conclusions about his breeding qualities.
Without any doubt I consider the acquisition of Music Velvet Berkley as a great asset for my kennel.

Bubenya has the qualities that are important today. They say "Don't count chickens before they are hatched". Time will show but taking into consideration my experience in Chihuahua breeding I hope the results will be good.
I am very grateful to the famous breeders Paolo Tartaro and Francesco Nuzzo for the privilege they gave me to acquire the wonderful Chihuahua Music Velvet Berkley, my magnificent Bubenya.


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