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Russian Kynological Federation

Interesting websites of chihuahua kennels.

Nursery of beautiful pugs and chihuahuas "Elzagar" (Russia)

Kennel ""NESHNAJA SYMPHONIE (Gentle Symphony)"

Chihuahuas kennel with good traditions "Tijuana Chihuahuas" (Germany)

Famous chihuahua kennel " Des Petits Mickeys " (Belgium)

 Kennel "Adorable Ppuppy"

Site about chihuahuas of Byelorussia

United Kennel Club International.

Kennel "Iz Strani Grioz" (Byelorussia)

Kennel of chihuahuas (Russia)


And it is sites of known kennels of dogs (and not only) other breeds.

Kennel of nice pug's "Pugs'n Roses" (Germany)

 Japanese Chin kennel "Sim Sala Chin"  (Germany)

Nursery of beautiful pugs and  french bulldogss "El Jalisco's" (Germany)

Kennel of the Japanese Chins and Pekineses "Karvalagnen" (Russia)

Kennel of the english bulldogs, adored by me, "Baskerville" (Germany )

Site about dogs of various breeds.

Interesting site about noble and brave dogs.

Website about  small decorative rabbits
Magic cats. Wonderful website.

  DogStar - Магазин для маленьких собачек!

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